What Is A Blog And What Are It's Uses?

As i was saying that on 14th March i will create a Blogging Section In My Blog For Newbies. So, At Last This Day Came.
This is My First post About blogging.
In the Very First Post about Blogging i have started with What is a Blog And What Are It's Uses?
Hope This will be informative for the newbies. So, why wait? Let's Start About the Topic..

What Is A Blog And What Are It's Uses?
According to me, blog is a platform to share knowledge with every member of the country living in the world.  There are so many ways to blog. And there are different types of bloggers who write about some topic and how they do it.  Click Here for easy Understanding of Different Types Of bloggers!.

Uses Of Blog Are : 
  You can Share As much of Knowledge to others.
  You Can create any discussion on any topic.
  You can interact with other people(who come from different countries) through comments.
 You can Earn money with blogging
(We will learn how to earn from blogging after few more posts about blogging.)

This List Is Incomplete. Still There are So Many Uses Of Blog.

What to Post In Blog?

Before You proceed to Blogging you should choose a niche first. 

ex: If you choose to post about hacking in your blog then you should be good at hacking .
Without knowing about any content and then posting it on your blog may lead to false information . And the impression upon the visitors may fall down.
Post about the topic or content which you are best at it and be sure that you know that topic very well.

What Niche Should I Choose?
As i said, Choose Your Niche in which you are best. Giving False Information reduces your visitors.
There Are So Many Different Types Of Categories Available For Choosing Your Niche :

Technology Comes under Blogging,Tricks,Tips,Hackings,Creative Things,etc... related to technology.

Here You Can Post About Cricket,Football,Baseball,etc.. all related to sports.
Choose This Niche if you Knowledge About Sports.

Selecting Fashion Niche Comes Under Dressing,Make-up,Beauty,etc... all related to fashion.

In this niche you can share about your daily life or some articles related to any content.

In This Niche your all posts should be related to education. You can post here education related topics or some information about education.

If You are a tourist and you visit places regularly. Then This Niche will suit for you, You Can share your experience of travelling places and describing the beauty of it.

If you have knowledge about agriculture then you can select this niche.

  Blog For Websites
This is Not a niche. If you already own a website and want to create a blog for interaction with the visitors. Then You Can Make A blog For Your Website.

You can choose this if you love animals. You can post here about animals and different  types of species.

These Are The Main Niches which You can Find on the internet.
Select Your Niche, In which you are expert to do.

Don't Copy Any Content From Other Sites

Don't Copy Content From any other blogs or websites. As this leads to reduce the bounce rate of that blog/website. And they May Report Your Blog to Google.

What happens When Website owner Reports your Blog To google?

After the review of Google members, that reported blog will be deleted from the directories. And the blogger must start blogging from first.

Tip: If You liked any article in other website/blog then you should not copy same as it is.
First Read And Understand The Content or topic clearly. And Then Write That Same Topic In Your Own Language Or in your own Words. Write about the Content which is clear for you and make it easier with some easy words.

If Anything Is Wrong here Or you Feel That This  Content has Given Any False Information. Then You May Report Us By Our Contact Form.

As This is My First Post About Blogging. Give A review About This Below In Comments.
If it is not useful, then i will try to improve better.

If You Know Any Niche which i didn't describe here Or have any questions regarding This? then Feel Free To Comment Below.

All ThE best! Choose your Niche of your Own Choice. And Don't Copy Any Same Content In Your Blog. 

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