Submit Blogger Sitemap to Bing and Google Part2

Before proceeding this you should be sure that you have read PART-1 of this post.
In Part-1 of this post we explained about how to index blog in main search engines Google and Bing. We shared about how to generate sitemap and then if doesn't work automatic sitemap crawling and then showed how to submit Sitemap.
In this post we will share about indexing your blog in Bing search engine.
Let's take a look of how to do :

Follow these easy steps:
1.    Log into Bing Webmaster Tools using your hotmail/microsoft/live account
2.   Once logged in you will see a dashboard with several options. Click the button " Add Site"  next to "Remove site button".
3.   Submit your URL.

   4.   Click Submit. Now you will be asked to verify if you are the true owner of the website or blog you submitted. You will be provided three standard methods. Choose the second option which is "Copy and paste a tag in your default webpage"  Click option:2

  5.  You will be given a short HTML code. Simply copy it and paste the code just below

First You have to backup your Template
Next, after download completes close the popup box. And click on Edit HTML.
Search for

Now just below it paste that unique url tag and save your template.

 Now go back to BING webmaster page and click the "Verify" Button. If you pasted the code correctly then your sitemap will be successfully added to the list.

7.  Normally it should take at most 3 days for BING and YAHOO to start showing data for your newly submitted site but it can even take 5 days. So be patient and expect your blog links appearing in BING and YAHOO search engines within 3-5 days.
You will then be able to track organic traffic to your blogs via your webmaster account which is almost similar to Google Webmaster tools account. You can find who is linking and what posts are trending high and a lot more!

Ping Your blog to Bing
Sounds great na... Ping your blog to ping. Sometimes you want to inform about a quick update at your blog to Bing and Yahoo, so that they may send crawlers to index your newly added content before time. Don't ping search engines too frequently for it can be taken as overloading the servers which can even get you penalized from search listings. Do it only when you feel that your links are not appearing at Yahoo and Bing page.
Just after blog submission you may also ping the search engines to draw more attention.
Do this:
1.    From the links below , replace http://bhejamatpaka.com with your blogspot links or custom domain links. i.e.. www.yourname.com
2.   Paste the following links in your browser address bar one at a time and hit enter. You will see a message "Thanks for submitting your sitemap." indicating that you have successfully pinged Bing.
For Bing:

LINK#1 For Posts between 1-500

LINK#2 For Posts between 5001-1000

LINK#3 For Posts between 1001-1500 

Check that your blog/posts are appearing or not in Bing
To check, just paste your blog address or your latest post at www.bing.com
If your blog is not showing up then there are two possible causes:
  1. You need to wait for at most 5 days after first submission of your Blog
  2. You blog has no sufficient posts. Your blog must contain at least 15 posts

Solution: If despite waiting for 5 days, your links are still not showing up at Bing then do this:
  1. PING them again and wait for a day. If things did not work then try step#2 Ping Your blog to Bing
  2. Remove your Site from BING webmaster tools and resubmit it.
  3. PING them just after blog submission.

That's all...We submitted and indexed blog to both the search engines.
Still there are soo many ways to index your site to various other search engines. These are the main search engines which people prefer most.
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