Submit Blogger Sitemap to Bing and Google Part1

After creating a blog You should post some content to it. The Next Step After posting content. The Main is to index your sites to search engines. Indexing your site let's visitors to see your post and blog in the search engines. So, it is important to index your site to search engines, after you create and post in your blog. So, Today i will show you to index in the main search engines Google and Bing. Let's Start About the Topic..

I Made Two Parts for this because it is becoming too lengthy...

Index your Blog/Website To Search Engines

1> How To Create Sitemap to your Blog
Creating a Sitemap is just easy. You don't have to work anything here. A free online sitemap generator generates your sitemap. Click This Link
And Follow those steps and start generating your sitemap.
After those Steps it provides links to download your Sitemap. Don't Download any sitemap there. Since you are using Blogger blog ,blogger doesn't has any option to upload files in directory.

After Generating your Sitemap. Your Sitemap has been directly build in your blog by that online generator. Now Check Your Sitemap

Replace www.bhejamatpaka.com with your own blog address and see your sitemap.
That's All Your Sitemap has been Created Successfully.

Note: if this didn't Work for you there is an another option to submit sitemap. To read About this Read Below..

2> Index Your Blog in Google And Bing Search Engines

After  you Create Sitemap for your blog , now it's time to index your blog to search engines. First We will index Site in Google and then Bing.

For Google index
Sign In with gmail account

After Sign In , Now it will be redirected to the homepage of webmaster tools.

Check Below that your Site is listed or not.
If it is not listed below click on Add A Site . And then Add your blog's URL.

After that it will be listed below.

Now click on your blog title. It will be redirected to Dashboards.

There in dashboards look up sitemap and then click on it. (Don't Click this Why submit a Sitemap?)

After clicking on sitemap, now choose Add/Test Sitemap at the right.

Now Copy this below Text and paste it there. Then Click on Submit Sitemap.

After that click on refresh . If it showed Pending under processed.
It means that your pages didn't crawl.
If it is successful then skip this to 3rd step or add another Sitemap.

If it didn't crawl your pages/blog. Then there is a trick for submitting in another way. See Below:

3> Automatic Sitemap crawler

Again, Click on Add Sitemap and paste this below code and submit it.


let it be 500 if you have less than 500 posts in your blog.

Change The Value of 500 to 1000 if you have less than 1000 posts in your blog.

Change the value of 500 to 1500 if you have less than 1500 posts in your blog.

According to your posts place that code in that and change the value of 500 if your posts  are more than 500.
To a blogger i suggest you to change the value of 500 to 1500.
Because whenever you post any content to your blog. Google crawls your content Automatically. And posts will be under 1500 till 4-5 years , If you post daily.

Now, after submitting your code. It's great now, your posts will be crawled and it shows submitted pages after you refresh the page.

Next to index in Bing i will show in Part-2

Because this post is becoming too lengthy.

Read Part2 of this Post>> Here


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