Learn to type fast like a masterji with some easy methods

Typing like a Master is not too much hard. Only you have should have confidence and typing skills. If this skills are with you then you may type without seeing keyboard. The best way to learn typing is to daily practice at your home. If you don't have pc at your home then you may practice at your nearest shops like inernet cafe or the shops which provide typing.
Let's Start now,
Learn to type like a Master with these simple methods shown below: 

1.  Use all of your fingers.
2.  You need to know where to place your finger.
3.  Never see the keyboard while typing. Just remember what finger will type it.
4.  More practices.

Here are the keys that should be press by your finger
Left Hand:
Index finger = 4 R F V 5 T G B
Middle finger = 3 E D C
Ring finger = 2 W S X
Little finger = 1 Q A Z ` Tab “Caps Lock” “Left Shift” “Left Ctrl”

Right Hand:
Index finger = 6 Y H N 7 U J M
Middle finger = 8 I K ,
Ring finger = 9 O L .
Little finger = – [ ] µ / \ = Backspace Enter “Right Shift” “Right Ctrl”

Before start typing, place your fingers in the right place. Notice button F and J in your keyboard. There is a kern below the letter. That is the place where your index finger should be. Put your left index finger in F, and your right index finger in J. The rest of your fingers
should be:
Left middle finger = D and the right middle finger = K
Left ring finger = S and the right ring finger = L
Left little finger = A and the right little finger = ;

Ctrl – Alt – Shift
To combine keys ctrl, alt or shift with another key, you should notice where is the key, in the left hand side, or right hand side. For example, to combine Ctrl + L, you should know where is the position of the L key. From the picture above, we know that L is in the right side. So you must press left Ctrl using your left little finger and press L using right ring finger.

The best typing practice software is
  Typing Master

First practie by watching the keyboard keys. Then try to remember all the keys where they are palaced. Then practice without watching the keyboard.First you will feel that your typing speed is very slow then practice will increase your typing speed.

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