Introduction to newly created blog for newbies

Today in this era there are so many bloggers around the web.
Some bloggers became successful and professional. And others are behind them.
In my case, i started my blog a year before, but i didn't post anything in my blog.
Nowadays, my interest has become blogging. An started to blog these days with blogging,tricks,tips,PC Solutions,etc....So, let's check the introduction of blogger here.
This post is for those who face difficulties after creating blog for newbies.
Some newbies face difficulties in creating a post and they don't know the functions for that...soo...

Introduction to newly created blogs.
Here i will explain you the introduction part of blogger. 
How to post
how to insert images
text highlighter
text color
changing font
changing font size

introduction to blog
Check this photo

If you can't understand this image then please do inform me about explaining it detaily.
I am always ready to explain and help

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  1. Thanks
    As I'm a newbie so it helped me a lot.

    Visit what to when your bored for free tips of things to do when your bored.

    1. Thanks for your feedback.....
      Keep Visiting for more updates....

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