How To Add Album Art/image to Album songs in Windows Media Player 12

As/w, today let's check about How To Add Album Art/image to Album songs in Windows Media Player 12 . 
Suppose if you download any song from internet, it comes with all the details...
i.e..Album,artist name,year,length,size,genre,etc...
And it also comes with Album Art inside it.
Some websites don't provide album image in some songs.
So, it will be difficult to identify. And a question rotates in your mind from which movie was this song?

So, here is a trick for finding album info or adding a custom image in album art.

Lets's First Check With The Trick-1

  • Finding Album Info

  • Click on Start Menu search for run option
    Hold Start Menu + r

    A run command appears,
    Now, type this below keyword and hit Ok

    After, you Hit Ok button.
    Windows Media Player Opens up

    Now, search for your album or song.
    After, it appears right click on that album/song and select find album info.

    A box appears and searches for album info, after it has been searched. It shows the info, you just hit ok. That's it folk. If it didn't find album info search the song name in google.
    If there is any method to do this, comment below or we will update this if we found any other method.

    Next, Trick-2

    Adding Custom image in Album Art


    Find any image related to movie album [which you are going to add]
    Image can be of any size.

    Trick Starts - Add Image In Album Art :

    Choose any image to add in Album Art
    Right-Click and copy image file.

    Then the same step as above open wmplayer and search for your album.
    Right click on it and select paste album info..

    Hope you understood anything, after seeing this pic...?

    That's All folks...
    If you didn't understood any part...
    Then, You may ask us any questions related to this topic...
    We are ready to help always...
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