Add Total Pageviews counter in blogger

As/w, i hope most of you have seen pageviews counter in so many websites/blogs. Whenever a visitor enters your blog, this widget tracks the visitor and increases the number. When you
Add this widget this starts from 0 and lasts upto infinite. To add this widget counter in your blog . It is so easy to do, first of all

1) Sign In into Blogger.com

2) After you Sign In it will be redirected to your blogs. Choose your blog and click on the title. Fir it shows dashboard.

3) From There Select layout option

4) Here you can see, to add the gadgets.

5) Now click on any of the, Add a gadget from there.

6) A window will be opened , now in that window search for Blog's stats and click on it.

7) Choose animated counter and save it.

That's All Folks....Finished....This Post was only for Newbie bloggers....Professionals Stay away..:D lol ....This was so easy....After you save it...Click on view blog and check yourself that it is working or not...Don't Worry it always starts from 0 because there are no visitors to your blog. To increase your visitors you must try hard and post everyday anything in your blog....So, your blog remains updated regularly...

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9 Things to do After Creating a blog

As/w i am back after days. Sorry for the delay. In my very first post about blogging i've said about what niche should be choosed for blogging .Most of the Newbie bloggers don't know what to do after creating a blog. So, i have made a small list which bloggers do usually. If you are new in blogging, this post will help you to know, what to do after creating a blog. If you are clear about selecting a niche for blogging. Then you may proceed with this post.

Why waiting? Let' Start About the topic....

Things to do after creating a blog
As, i mentioned above i made a small list for newbie bloggers who don't know what to do after creating a blog.

1)   Post according to your niche

2)  Post Unique Articles/content daily (or) Alternate days. [As your wish, you can post anytime. But you should be regular in posting. If you miss any 1 day for publishing, then there will be loss of pagerank in search engines. Search Engines Index those sites with are regular and keep posting.]

3)  Index and verify your site/blog in main Search engines

4)  If you made atleast minimum 30 posts or you start getting traffic in your blog, then you can make a fanpage at facebook.

5)  Share your blog in social websites and with your friends.

6)  Index your website in small Search Engines
[I will soon post soon about indexing in small search engines]

7)  Comment on other blog's, website's and forums. [ Be sure that you add your blog’s address in comments for a backlink to your site ]

8)  Be a Guest Author in different blog's, Website's , forums,etc...

9)  Create Social Websites and spread your blog around.

That's it folks! In Next Posts you will find something new there.  [ For Newbie bloggers ]
Hope you understood something from this above post. Follow these instructions and start doing your work. If we missed any topic here then please do leave a comment below. Stay Tuned For More Updates. 

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Upcoming Posts : 1) What is a Pagerank for a website/blog?
                           2) What is a nofollow and dofollow?
                           3) What are Backlinks And How to create It?
                           4) Index your site in small search engines
                           5) Why to become a Guest Author in other blogs?

Submit Blogger Sitemap to Bing and Google Part2

Before proceeding this you should be sure that you have read PART-1 of this post.
In Part-1 of this post we explained about how to index blog in main search engines Google and Bing. We shared about how to generate sitemap and then if doesn't work automatic sitemap crawling and then showed how to submit Sitemap.
In this post we will share about indexing your blog in Bing search engine.
Let's take a look of how to do :

Follow these easy steps:
1.    Log into Bing Webmaster Tools using your hotmail/microsoft/live account
2.   Once logged in you will see a dashboard with several options. Click the button " Add Site"  next to "Remove site button".
3.   Submit your URL.

   4.   Click Submit. Now you will be asked to verify if you are the true owner of the website or blog you submitted. You will be provided three standard methods. Choose the second option which is "Copy and paste a tag in your default webpage"  Click option:2

  5.  You will be given a short HTML code. Simply copy it and paste the code just below

First You have to backup your Template
Next, after download completes close the popup box. And click on Edit HTML.
Search for

Now just below it paste that unique url tag and save your template.

 Now go back to BING webmaster page and click the "Verify" Button. If you pasted the code correctly then your sitemap will be successfully added to the list.

7.  Normally it should take at most 3 days for BING and YAHOO to start showing data for your newly submitted site but it can even take 5 days. So be patient and expect your blog links appearing in BING and YAHOO search engines within 3-5 days.
You will then be able to track organic traffic to your blogs via your webmaster account which is almost similar to Google Webmaster tools account. You can find who is linking and what posts are trending high and a lot more!

Ping Your blog to Bing
Sounds great na... Ping your blog to ping. Sometimes you want to inform about a quick update at your blog to Bing and Yahoo, so that they may send crawlers to index your newly added content before time. Don't ping search engines too frequently for it can be taken as overloading the servers which can even get you penalized from search listings. Do it only when you feel that your links are not appearing at Yahoo and Bing page.
Just after blog submission you may also ping the search engines to draw more attention.
Do this:
1.    From the links below , replace http://bhejamatpaka.com with your blogspot links or custom domain links. i.e.. www.yourname.com
2.   Paste the following links in your browser address bar one at a time and hit enter. You will see a message "Thanks for submitting your sitemap." indicating that you have successfully pinged Bing.
For Bing:

LINK#1 For Posts between 1-500

LINK#2 For Posts between 5001-1000

LINK#3 For Posts between 1001-1500 

Check that your blog/posts are appearing or not in Bing
To check, just paste your blog address or your latest post at www.bing.com
If your blog is not showing up then there are two possible causes:
  1. You need to wait for at most 5 days after first submission of your Blog
  2. You blog has no sufficient posts. Your blog must contain at least 15 posts

Solution: If despite waiting for 5 days, your links are still not showing up at Bing then do this:
  1. PING them again and wait for a day. If things did not work then try step#2 Ping Your blog to Bing
  2. Remove your Site from BING webmaster tools and resubmit it.
  3. PING them just after blog submission.

That's all...We submitted and indexed blog to both the search engines.
Still there are soo many ways to index your site to various other search engines. These are the main search engines which people prefer most.
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Submit Blogger Sitemap to Bing and Google Part1

After creating a blog You should post some content to it. The Next Step After posting content. The Main is to index your sites to search engines. Indexing your site let's visitors to see your post and blog in the search engines. So, it is important to index your site to search engines, after you create and post in your blog. So, Today i will show you to index in the main search engines Google and Bing. Let's Start About the Topic..

I Made Two Parts for this because it is becoming too lengthy...

Index your Blog/Website To Search Engines

1> How To Create Sitemap to your Blog
Creating a Sitemap is just easy. You don't have to work anything here. A free online sitemap generator generates your sitemap. Click This Link
And Follow those steps and start generating your sitemap.
After those Steps it provides links to download your Sitemap. Don't Download any sitemap there. Since you are using Blogger blog ,blogger doesn't has any option to upload files in directory.

After Generating your Sitemap. Your Sitemap has been directly build in your blog by that online generator. Now Check Your Sitemap

Replace www.bhejamatpaka.com with your own blog address and see your sitemap.
That's All Your Sitemap has been Created Successfully.

Note: if this didn't Work for you there is an another option to submit sitemap. To read About this Read Below..

2> Index Your Blog in Google And Bing Search Engines

After  you Create Sitemap for your blog , now it's time to index your blog to search engines. First We will index Site in Google and then Bing.

For Google index
Sign In with gmail account

After Sign In , Now it will be redirected to the homepage of webmaster tools.

Check Below that your Site is listed or not.
If it is not listed below click on Add A Site . And then Add your blog's URL.

After that it will be listed below.

Now click on your blog title. It will be redirected to Dashboards.

There in dashboards look up sitemap and then click on it. (Don't Click this Why submit a Sitemap?)

After clicking on sitemap, now choose Add/Test Sitemap at the right.

Now Copy this below Text and paste it there. Then Click on Submit Sitemap.

After that click on refresh . If it showed Pending under processed.
It means that your pages didn't crawl.
If it is successful then skip this to 3rd step or add another Sitemap.

If it didn't crawl your pages/blog. Then there is a trick for submitting in another way. See Below:

3> Automatic Sitemap crawler

Again, Click on Add Sitemap and paste this below code and submit it.


let it be 500 if you have less than 500 posts in your blog.

Change The Value of 500 to 1000 if you have less than 1000 posts in your blog.

Change the value of 500 to 1500 if you have less than 1500 posts in your blog.

According to your posts place that code in that and change the value of 500 if your posts  are more than 500.
To a blogger i suggest you to change the value of 500 to 1500.
Because whenever you post any content to your blog. Google crawls your content Automatically. And posts will be under 1500 till 4-5 years , If you post daily.

Now, after submitting your code. It's great now, your posts will be crawled and it shows submitted pages after you refresh the page.

Next to index in Bing i will show in Part-2

Because this post is becoming too lengthy.

Read Part2 of this Post>> Here

Backup or Download your template in blogger

Backup of a template helps in many ways.
If you have done a mistake in your blog i.e..you added comments code in your template or if you customized the template and you don't like that after a few days. Then this backup will help you to restore your old template.

For Download/Backup your template

Go to>> blogger.com

>>Sign In
After Sign In a page will be shown of your blogs

>>Click on your Blog Title

Then Follow these Steps Below:

After You click on Backup a box appears.
Download template And that's All.

If you want to Upload Your template again then t=it's so simple...
Below/Down of Download Template you can see that there is a option for upload.
choose file and then upload it.
After You Upload your Downloaded Template. Check Your Blog And Have Fun Again!

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Introduction to newly created blog for newbies

Today in this era there are so many bloggers around the web.
Some bloggers became successful and professional. And others are behind them.
In my case, i started my blog a year before, but i didn't post anything in my blog.
Nowadays, my interest has become blogging. An started to blog these days with blogging,tricks,tips,PC Solutions,etc....So, let's check the introduction of blogger here.
This post is for those who face difficulties after creating blog for newbies.
Some newbies face difficulties in creating a post and they don't know the functions for that...soo...

Introduction to newly created blogs.
Here i will explain you the introduction part of blogger. 
How to post
how to insert images
text highlighter
text color
changing font
changing font size

introduction to blog
Check this photo

If you can't understand this image then please do inform me about explaining it detaily.
I am always ready to explain and help

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What Is A Blog And What Are It's Uses?

As i was saying that on 14th March i will create a Blogging Section In My Blog For Newbies. So, At Last This Day Came.
This is My First post About blogging.
In the Very First Post about Blogging i have started with What is a Blog And What Are It's Uses?
Hope This will be informative for the newbies. So, why wait? Let's Start About the Topic..

What Is A Blog And What Are It's Uses?
According to me, blog is a platform to share knowledge with every member of the country living in the world.  There are so many ways to blog. And there are different types of bloggers who write about some topic and how they do it.  Click Here for easy Understanding of Different Types Of bloggers!.

Uses Of Blog Are : 
  You can Share As much of Knowledge to others.
  You Can create any discussion on any topic.
  You can interact with other people(who come from different countries) through comments.
 You can Earn money with blogging
(We will learn how to earn from blogging after few more posts about blogging.)

This List Is Incomplete. Still There are So Many Uses Of Blog.

What to Post In Blog?

Before You proceed to Blogging you should choose a niche first. 

ex: If you choose to post about hacking in your blog then you should be good at hacking .
Without knowing about any content and then posting it on your blog may lead to false information . And the impression upon the visitors may fall down.
Post about the topic or content which you are best at it and be sure that you know that topic very well.

What Niche Should I Choose?
As i said, Choose Your Niche in which you are best. Giving False Information reduces your visitors.
There Are So Many Different Types Of Categories Available For Choosing Your Niche :

Technology Comes under Blogging,Tricks,Tips,Hackings,Creative Things,etc... related to technology.

Here You Can Post About Cricket,Football,Baseball,etc.. all related to sports.
Choose This Niche if you Knowledge About Sports.

Selecting Fashion Niche Comes Under Dressing,Make-up,Beauty,etc... all related to fashion.

In this niche you can share about your daily life or some articles related to any content.

In This Niche your all posts should be related to education. You can post here education related topics or some information about education.

If You are a tourist and you visit places regularly. Then This Niche will suit for you, You Can share your experience of travelling places and describing the beauty of it.

If you have knowledge about agriculture then you can select this niche.

  Blog For Websites
This is Not a niche. If you already own a website and want to create a blog for interaction with the visitors. Then You Can Make A blog For Your Website.

You can choose this if you love animals. You can post here about animals and different  types of species.

These Are The Main Niches which You can Find on the internet.
Select Your Niche, In which you are expert to do.

Don't Copy Any Content From Other Sites

Don't Copy Content From any other blogs or websites. As this leads to reduce the bounce rate of that blog/website. And they May Report Your Blog to Google.

What happens When Website owner Reports your Blog To google?

After the review of Google members, that reported blog will be deleted from the directories. And the blogger must start blogging from first.

Tip: If You liked any article in other website/blog then you should not copy same as it is.
First Read And Understand The Content or topic clearly. And Then Write That Same Topic In Your Own Language Or in your own Words. Write about the Content which is clear for you and make it easier with some easy words.

If Anything Is Wrong here Or you Feel That This  Content has Given Any False Information. Then You May Report Us By Our Contact Form.

As This is My First Post About Blogging. Give A review About This Below In Comments.
If it is not useful, then i will try to improve better.

If You Know Any Niche which i didn't describe here Or have any questions regarding This? then Feel Free To Comment Below.

All ThE best! Choose your Niche of your Own Choice. And Don't Copy Any Same Content In Your Blog. 

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How to Hide Html Code From View Source

  Asalaam Walaikum today i thought of sharing a trick for hiding html codes from View Source. Some People when they visit any website/blog they get interested in any gadget or any beautiful design. If they want it , they just right-click the mouse button and clicks on view source. By Clicking on view source they copy the html code from it and they just paste it in their own blog/website. If you kept any gadget unique or you made a   cool gadget with your own html codes and you didn't share with anyone and if it has been copied to other websites then Visitors impression gets down because they think that gadget was shared on internet and that website copied from it. And your stress gets waste by this.

              So, i found a method  to hide your HTML code from view source.
           To hide Html code , you have to do is encrypt your html code.
     It's so simple to do.
Only you have to do is search for HTML encryptor in Google . 

Or Go to this link  

You just place your html code in that box and Click on Encrypt.
After Encrypting your html code place your html code from where you copied first.

Facebook just compressed and encrypted some of the html source and confused us for copying.

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Download WhatsApp Messenger for mobile devices Nokia, BB, HTC, Samsung, Sony Ericsson, LG, iPhone,etc..

Download WhatsApp Messenger for mobile devices Nokia, BB, HTC, Samsung, Sony Ericsson, LG, iPhone,etc..

WhatsApp Messenger is an awesome cross-platform messaging application; it allows it users to exchange messages, files such as: images, video and audio media messages. WhatsApp Messenger is almost free, as your existing internet data plan will be used by the application.
I am going to share some download links for these different mobile platforms. WhatsApp supports iOS, S40, symbian,  Blackberry OS 4.6 and above , Android OS, Smartphones powered by Windows , iphone ...
WhatsApp Messenger application is available for iOS, BlackBerry, Android, Windows Phone and Nokia OS

 WhatsApp Messenger could be downloaded for various mobile phone platform such as: Nokia, Samsung, Sony Ericsson, LG and HTC mobile phones running on Android, Windows Phone and Nokia mobile operating system (OS).


* NO HIDDEN COST: Once you and your friends download the application, you can use it to chat as much as you want. Send a million messages a day to your friends for free! WhatsApp uses your Internet connection: 3G/EDGE or Wi-Fi when available.
* NO NEED TO ADD BUDDIES: Your Address Book is used to automatically connect you with your contacts. Your contacts who already have WhatsApp Messenger will be automatically displayed under Favorites, similar to a buddy list.
* SAY NO TO PINS AND USERNAMES: Why even bother having to remember yet another PIN or username? WhatsApp works with your phone number, just like SMS would, and integrates flawlessly with your existing phone address book.
* NO NEED TO LOG IN/OUT: No more confusion about getting logged off from another computer or device. With push notifications WhatsApp is ALWAYS ON and ALWAYS CONNECTED.
* OFFLINE MESSAGES: Even if you miss your push notifications or turn off your iPhone, WhatsApp will save your messages offline until you retrieve them during the next application use.
* MULTIMEDIA: Send Video, Images, and Voice notes to your friends and contacts.
* GROUP CHAT: Enjoy group conversations with your contacts. Add or Remove group participants, change group subject and set a group icon.
* PERSONAL: Set a profile photo which will be shown to all your contacts
* NO INTERNATIONAL CHARGES: Just like there is no added cost to send an international email, there is no cost to send WhatsApp messages internationally. Chat with your friends all over the world as long as they have WhatsApp Messenger installed and avoid those pesky international SMS costs.
* AND MUCH MORE: Share location and places, Exchange contacts, Custom wallpaper, Custom notification sounds, Landscape mode, Message timestamps, Email chat history, Broadcast messages and media to many contacts at once, and much much more!

Click here for +=$ Download Links      ( Javascript Enabled here : Show/Hide )

Check whether your phone is compatible with WhatsApp in S40 or S60 device ?

Note: Check whether your device supports whatsApp [ S40 devices ]
Supported devices:
Nokia C3-00 Nokia C3-01 Nokia X2-01 Nokia X3-02 Nokia X2-00
Nokia Asha: 201 206 Single Sim 300 302 303 306 309 311
Unsupported carriers:
Vodafone in Portugal
VIVO in Brazil

Note: Check whether your device supports whatsApp _-Check Below For_- [ S60 devices ]

Minimum requirements:
Unlimited internet data plan!
Nokia S60 3rd edition, 5th edition, Symbian^3, Symbian Anna, or Symbian Belle Operating System

Supported device list:
Symbian: X7 E6 N8 C6 C7 E7 500 600 603 700 701 808
S60 5th edition: Nokia 5800 Nokia 5530 Nokia 5230 Nokia 5233 Nokia 5235 Nokia N97 Nokia N97 mini Nokia X6 Nokia X5-01 Nokia C6 Nokia C5-03 Samsung i8910 Omnia HD Sony Ericsson Satio Sony Ericsson Vivaz Sony Ericsson Vivaz Pro
S60 3rd edition: Nokia 5700 Nokia 6110 Nokia 6120 Nokia 6121 Nokia 6124 Nokia 6700 Nokia 6290 Nokia E51 Nokia E63 Nokia E66 Nokia E71 Nokia E90 Communicator Nokia N76 Nokia N81 Nokia N81 8GB Nokia N82 Nokia N95 Nokia N95 8GB Nokia 5320 Nokia 5630 Nokia 5730 Nokia 6210 Nokia 6220 Nokia 6650 fold Nokia 6710 Navigator Nokia 6720 Nokia 6730 Nokia 6760 Slide Nokia 6790 Surge Nokia C5 Nokia E52 Nokia E55 Nokia E72 Nokia E73 Nokia E75 Nokia E5 Nokia N78 Nokia N79 Nokia N85 Nokia N86 8MP Nokia N96 Samsung GT-i8510 Samsung GT-I7110 Samsung SGH-L870 Samsung SGH-G810 Samsung SGH-iNNN

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How To Add Album Art/image to Album songs in Windows Media Player 12

As/w, today let's check about How To Add Album Art/image to Album songs in Windows Media Player 12 . 
Suppose if you download any song from internet, it comes with all the details...
i.e..Album,artist name,year,length,size,genre,etc...
And it also comes with Album Art inside it.
Some websites don't provide album image in some songs.
So, it will be difficult to identify. And a question rotates in your mind from which movie was this song?

So, here is a trick for finding album info or adding a custom image in album art.

Lets's First Check With The Trick-1

  • Finding Album Info

  • Click on Start Menu search for run option
    Hold Start Menu + r

    A run command appears,
    Now, type this below keyword and hit Ok

    After, you Hit Ok button.
    Windows Media Player Opens up

    Now, search for your album or song.
    After, it appears right click on that album/song and select find album info.

    A box appears and searches for album info, after it has been searched. It shows the info, you just hit ok. That's it folk. If it didn't find album info search the song name in google.
    If there is any method to do this, comment below or we will update this if we found any other method.

    Next, Trick-2

    Adding Custom image in Album Art


    Find any image related to movie album [which you are going to add]
    Image can be of any size.

    Trick Starts - Add Image In Album Art :

    Choose any image to add in Album Art
    Right-Click and copy image file.

    Then the same step as above open wmplayer and search for your album.
    Right click on it and select paste album info..

    Hope you understood anything, after seeing this pic...?

    That's All folks...
    If you didn't understood any part...
    Then, You may ask us any questions related to this topic...
    We are ready to help always...
    Your Comments are always appreciated,,,,

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    RD Sharma Solutions available Now For Class X CBSE

    RD Sharma Solutions available Now For Class X CBSE
    Wow! Amazing! As much i know RD Sharma Solutions for Class 10 (X) CBSE was not available free before today.
    But today when i opened the site, i was astonished to see that RD Sharma's Solutions were available For Class X CBSE.
    As i know some students didn't get solutions for this questions. In Some websites these Solutions were available but there was a price for it .
    And another way for the Students was to buy a Solution book for that RD Sharma's book!

    This is so great that, the site members have did a hardwork for this!
    Hat's off to the site members...

    For CBSE schools board exams are on 2nd March.
    If students wish to try even better in Math exam then they should opt out for this RD Sharma Book and Togetherwith Math Book.

    This Helps in practicing better for the students who are weak in maths.
    Improves mathsolgy,
    Can Calculate Faster in exam.
    You Can be the First to answer any question among your Friends.
    I am the example for this Book.
    I also prefer RD Sharma book(Class 10 CBSE).
    I've practiced from this book from last 10days and finally my maths is now better than previous.

    Hmm, Thanks for this site to provide the Solutions..
    Many Students will be helped from this!

    This is for, those who want Solutions can stopby at this site...
    This Site provides free NCERT answers and now it provided RD Sharm's Solutions.
    If you have any questions related to maths or any subject then you may ask a question for  experts anytime you wish.
    In short meritnation provides all the information regarding study materials.
    Video Tutorials are very easy for understanding.
    A big question also looks very easy when it is being explained in a video!
    Thus, At last this site is very helpfull and usefu if you usel!


    The Site which i was talking about was => Meritnation.com
    Meritnation.com now provides Solutions for RD Sharma Math Book. (For Class X Maths CBSE!)
    For other classes you may check it at that site!!

    If you are a user of meritnation then you should immediately visit Meritnation soon and start solving questions!

    If you aren't a user of meritnation. Then Register and start preparing for your exams immediately!

    For Extra help To Score Better in Maths you'll need to study from:

    - Your NCERT Maths book
    - RD Sharma Reference Guide (if you wish to score more marks then you can study)
    - Togetherwith Maths
    - Solve Last years CBSE question papers.
    - Teacher Notes
    - If you can't understand any question then you can ask to your elders,teachers or the internet!
    At Last - hardwork and hardwork

    Thank's for taking your precious time for reading this!
    If you got any help please comment below!!
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    Grand Theft Auto: Vice City PC Game

    ||Grand Theft Auto: Vice City||

    Grand Theft Auto: Vice City PC Game

    Size: 243MB
    Platform: PC
    Language: English
    Developer: Rockstar North
    Publisher: Rockstar Games

    Grand Theft Auto Vice City: Welcome to Vice City. Welcome to the 1980s. Having just made it back onto the streets of Liberty City after a long stretch in maximum security, TommyVercetti is sent to Vice City by his old boss, Sonny Forelli.

    They were understandably nervous about his re-appearance in Liberty City, so a trip down south seemed like a good idea. But all does not go smoothly upon his arrival in the glamorous, hedonistic metropolis of Vice City. He’s set up and is left with no money and no merchandise. Sonny wants his money back, but the biker gangs, Cuban gangsters, and corrupt politicians stand in his way. Most of Vice City seems to want Tommy dead. His only answer is to fight back and take over the city himself.

    From the decade of big hair, excess and pastel suits comes a story of one man’s rise to the top of the criminal pile as Grand Theft Auto returns to the PlayStation?2 computer entertainment system this October. Vice City is a huge urban sprawl ranging from the beach to the swamps and the glitz to the ghetto, and is the most varied, complete and alive digital city ever created. Combining non-linear gameplay with a character driven narrative, you arrive in a town brimming with delights and degradation and are given the opportunity to take it over as you choose.

    As a major gateway to South America and the Caribbean and attracting migrants, Vice City is brimming with diverse characters, so there’s a friend for everyone. It is a sociable place and the new guy in town is sure to meet all manner of friendly people in the sunshine capital of America. Athletes, pop stars, real estate developers, politicians, trailer trash, everyone is moving to Vice City to find out what makes it the number one growth city in America. But, as Tommy quickly finds out, trust is still the rarest of commodities.

    Vice City offers vehicular pleasures to suit every taste. For the speed enthusiast, there’s high-performance cars and motorbikes. For the sportsman, a powerboat or a golf buggy lets you enjoy the great outdoors. For those that need that sense of freedom and escape, why not charter a helicopter and see the beauty of Vice City from the air?

    As the party capital of America, you would expect your ears to be seduced by a host of sultry melodies and pumping beats, but the city is truly rocking. You’ll be AMAZED as you sweep through Vice City’s FM dial. If you are feeling like trouble, you can tune into some driving rock, or some crucial electro, or maybe you want to slow down with some sweet soul, and there will always be some great romantic anthems if you want to really take your mind off things.

    For the action man, or outdoors type, there’s tons of fun things to do and adventures to be had? guaranteed. For the secretive or creepy type, Vice City is full of surprises, a place where you’ll constantly be surprised by the vivacious, fun-loving types who live there and the things you can discover.

    Grand Theft Auto: Vice City is the most diverse and ambitious piece of interactive entertainment yet created. The game is developed by Rockstar North and published by Rockstar Games.

    Minimum System Requirements:
    *800Mhz Pantinum Athlon III/Athlon Or Celeron/Duron Processor
    *128MB Of Ram
    *8 Speed CD/DVD Drive
    *1GB Free Hard Disk Space (+ 635MB If Video Card Doesn’t Support Directx Texture Compression)
    *32MB Video Card With Directx Compatible Drivers (“Geforce Or Better”)
    *Sound Card With Directx Compatible Drivers
    *Keyboard And Mouse
    *Win98 / 98 SE / Me / 2000 Pro With Service Pack 3 / XP With Service Pack 1 Or higher
    *DirectX 9.0

    Install Notes:
    1. Unrar File
    2. Play The Game By “gta-vc”

    Downloading Links
    ||Single Resumable Download Link Size: 244MB||
    Uploadbaz Download Link

    Rar Password:worldfree4u.com
    Note: This Game Don’t Have Audio So Download If You Like, No Offense.

    How to find Your IP Address using Google Search?

    Now you can know what is your ip address from google search itself. Google launched this service recently.

    In order to display your IP address, Just search in google as "My ip" or simply "ip"
    Also other similar google search such as "what is my ip " results in your IP address

    This search will display your IP address.

    Download Skype standalone offline installer

    Download Skype standalone offline installer
    Skype standalone offline installer

    Skype has a standalone installer (which works even if you are offline).

     Download Skype offline installer and double click it to begin setup.
    You will be prompted with a UAC warning, click Accept.

     The next few steps would involve simply clicking ‘Next’ a few times – there is nothing to tweak (unless you want to install your programs in a partition other than C:\).

     In the second step, make sure you leave the checkbox empty for “Yes, I want to install Browser Highlighter”.
    You would not even find it interesting unless you’re a power user.

    Skype standalone offline installer

    Skype should now be installed and ready to use thanks to our standalone installer. This was tested on a Windows Vista system, although It should work on Windows XP and Windows 7 too – leave a comment if you find any problems while using the offline installer. Using this also allows you to install Skype on multiple computers without having to download the online Skype setup file multiple times – saving bandwidth. This link above will always point to the latest full setup file that does not require internet connection to install, so you can pass this link to your friends etc.